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ELECTION 2021: Dalton Local renewal levy on ballot

DGKN staff report

Local voters will have several candidates and a couple school renewal levies to consider Nov. 2 on their ballots.

Dalton Local Schools is asking voters to approve a 2-mill (20 cents for each $100 of valuation) five-year permanent improvement renewal levy. This renewal levy is not a new tax. The district has had this levy since 1977 – 44 years – and it brings in about $215,000 per year.

“These monies are critical to the District as they are used for any permanent improvements which are items with a lifespan of at least five years,” according to the Dalton Local Schools Levy Committee Facebook page.

The District has used this money to purchase items and make renovations and repairs such as: a school bus every year, Chromebooks, boilers at the high school, restroom in the auxiliary gym, high school girls locker room, roof repairs, high school media center renovation and refinishing gym floors.

Three candidates are on the ballot for Dalton Board of Education and they are all seeking re-election for their seats: Lisa Gwin, Philip Schlabach and Tiffany Good Witmer.

Career Center levy

The Wayne County Joint Vocational School District has a renewal of its 0.5-mill (5 cents for each $100 of valuation) five-year permanent improvement levy on the ballot.

The levy is a renewal levy for capital improvement projects, maintenance, and repairs of school property, as well as purchase of major equipment.

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