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ELECTION 2021: DGKN questionnaire for Baughman Township board of trustee candidates

The Dalton Gazette & Kidron News e-mailed questionnaires to candidates in contested local government races. On Nov. 2 in Baughman Township, voters can choose two of the four names on the ballot. Howard Calame and Jeff Kaufman are running for re-election. They are being challenged by Bob Graber and David Stoll. We emailed questionnaires to all candidates in local contested races in Baughman and Sugar Creek townships and the village of Dalton and ran responses in the Oct. 13 edition. 

Bob Graber

Political Party: Republican
Office Sought: Baughman Township Trustee
Age: 57
Address: 15034 Burkhart Road, Orrville OH 44667
Family: Wife, Amy and sons, Kyler & Krystian
Occupation, qualifications: Next year will mark 35 years of being in the auctioneer/ realtor business. Our family farms approx. 190 acres and operates a custom heifer raising operation, as well as raises show quality pigs & lambs. Being a people person and working with the public has been a part of me for as long as I can remember.
Education: Northwest Technical School of Auctioneering; attended The Ohio State University; 1983 graduate of Orrville High School
Elected Office Experience: Served 2 terms as Baughman Township Trustee
Why are you running for this office?
Honestly, after running for Wayne County Commissioner, I decided to let others hold our public offices. Then so many people asked me when I would be getting back into serving our community – even one of my opponents and several of his supporters encouraged me to run. So, I decided to attend the meetings to get back in the loop. That’s all it took. What I have witnessed and experienced is disappointing.
Residents of Baughman Township deserve respect and leadership that is not driven by vendettas.
If elected, what is the key issue facing your community and how would you address it?
Political entities are to provide services to its constituents to the best of their abilities. Under this administration most all of those services have changed. Baughman Township once was highly regarded and envied for the services that were provided and our road conditions. Not so today.
Fire and EMS service: Let me first say I have always supported all of our fire departments. We need them all! I have always supported the mission to provide a staffed station on this side of the county with access to a medic. For us as a township to contract with and invest in several fire departments for years then to not contract with them at all is alarming. The township does not have to be a “member of the EWFD” to contract with them for services.
The lawsuit that the current trustees joined in with a private citizen from another township against our Wayne County auditor needs dealt with immediately. It is a prime example of how transparency has been lost by our leaders. The lawsuit has never been listed as old business on the township meeting agendas. There have been several mediation meetings that are never announced. The majority of our residents know nothing about it although resident’s tax dollars are being wasted. Not just in our township but also because of our trustees’ lawsuit the county has to hire outside legal council to represent the auditor due to a conflict of interest by the prosecutor’s office – more wasted tax dollars.
The current conservative approach to our road maintenance program needs dealt with immediately. Saving a dollar now is going to cost us thousands in the near future. We can’t afford to lose the infrastructure that was basically rebuilt after the township received the 2 large estate tax funds approx. 15 years ago.
Lastly, if elected those that know me know that I will listen to all and not hold any vendettas against anyone. I am saddened by the fact that some residents are afraid to put a sign out because they are afraid of how someone may treat them. We are all still neighbors and constituents of Baughman Township. I wave to those that have my opponents’ signs. I have bought 4-H animals of neighbors that support my opponents. I’ll talk to you at the gas station but I will tell you my thoughts and be open with all. I’d be honored to represent Baughman Township.
If you are running for re-election, or you served in an elected position in the past, what do you feel were your main accomplishments as an elected official? Please list a few campaign promises you made in the past and how you fulfilled them. Was there something you didn’t accomplish that you hope to try again this time?
I have always felt that at the end of my 2 terms the township roads were in excellent condition. The services that we provided from early ditch bank mowing to snow removal and trash collection service were some of the best. The township had acquired assets and had a year’s worth of stone and salt on hand. The maintenance garage improvement project took place during my terms. Because we did a lot of the work with township equipment, we were able to save tax payers dollars. We designed a plan to save the old building and incorporate it into a modern efficient building that should last a long time. That project would have cost double on today’s standards. It was a great investment.


David Stoll

Office Sought: Baughman Township Trustee
Age: 41
Address: 4952 Tannerville Road Orrville Ohio 44667
Family: Wife Heather, Son Noah, Daughter Hannah
Occupation, qualifications: Group Leader of Tool Development at Schaeffler in Wooster; I lead a team of 12 men and women through the prototype and production stamping tooling
Owner operator of DnHStoll Farm in Orrville; My family and I work 80 acres of land and market 30 steers a year to individuals that are seeking top quality freezer Beef. We sell in ¼ ½ or wholes.
Education: Journeyman Industrial Designer
Elected Office Experience: none
Why are you running for this office?
I really like being a leader in my workplace and I would enjoy the opportunity to be a leader in my neighborhood. I have had an interest in local politics for many years. In the most recent years, I have been treated very poorly by my elected officials with their vendettas against anyone that doesn’t support them. As leaders we need to remove all prior grudges and listen to everyone before the decisions are made that effect everyone.
If elected, what is the key issue facing your community and how would you address it?
1. Lack of respect from our current leaders. As a Trustee I will treat every constituent with dignity and respect, even if I disagree with them. I will take the time to listen and evaluate each opinion that I hear.
2. Fire EMS Coverage; we need a common-sense approach to fire coverage in our township that begins with a mission. My mission is to preserve life and/or property at a reasonable cost. That begins with using all 4 fire stations that used to serve our township.
3. Frivolous lawsuits; The current lawsuit that our trustees joined 3 years against our county auditor has cost us as taxpayers thousands of dollars with no end in sight. I will insist on a mediation hearing immediately upon taking office, I am confident that we can come up with agreement to get this settled and stop wasting tax payer dollars.
4. Roads; our road maintenance program needs an overhaul; a Predetermined schedule for road resurfacing needs to be established and followed. I will work with the other elected officials to get this schedule created so that there is a definite guideline that is to be followed.


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  1. Grace McKeal on November 1, 2021 at 9:21 pm

    Thank you for completing this questionnaire and making some extremely valid points.

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