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POSITIVE PRESS: 1,731 items donated to Dalton Local Schools’ ‘Soctober’

Letter to the editor:

On behalf of Dalton Local Schools CARE Team, I want to thank the community for being so generous in donating socks and underwear for SOCTOBER. The count is 986 pairs of socks and 745 pairs of underwear. That is 1,731 total pairs which should be enough to get us through the year until next SOCTOBER!!!
I also want to thank everyone who has been donating clothing to the Clothes Closet. It is helping out many families with quality goods.
If you would like to visit the Clothes Closet, contact me at: and I would be happy to set you up with an appointment to shop for free!

Diane Merriman,
family support specialist
Dalton Local Schools

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