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NOVEMBER VIEWSLINE: Outcry over football tickets; something squirrely at Dalton; intersection suggestion

Small turnout at Dalton football game embarrassing

(Monday, Nov. 1) This was the smallest turnout for a Dalton Football game I’ve ever seen. Hard to believe it was a playoff game. Weather? Only purchase tickets online? People hoping to be able to watch it live streamed? How embarrassing for our community.

Bulldogs fans upset about online only ticket sales for football game

Our kids are long out of school and our grandchildren play for other schools but we still enjoy supporting our Bulldogs. We were turned away at the gate because we didn’t know we needed to purchase tickets online. I don’t know who is responsible for making this decision but you obviously don’t want community support. We watched briefly from our car in the parking lot and noticed there was not a very big turnout. You may have underestimated how many people don’t have computers or the ability to access someone who can purchase tickets. Such a shame. We won’t return if we can’t pay cash at the gate.

Secret squirrel days after the election
(Thursday, Nov. 11)
Why would Dennis Finley call an emergency meeting six days after the election? The result of that meeting was the appointment of Steve Rabatin to serve on the East Wayne Fire District board and appoint Jim Bucklew as Dalton citizen to the East Wayne Fire District Board. Was this position advertised or appointed correctly? The rumor is that the mayor stated Blake Nussbaum had a conflict of interest due to being second cousins with Fire Chief Kyle Nussbaum. Dennis’ solution? Appoint Steve Rabitan who has a brother on East Wayne Fire District? No conflict there! Why would the newly elected officials not allowed to participate in these decisions? The fire department is running the best I’ve seen in years. What games is our mayor up to?

Please fix light by former PNC bank
(Thursday, Nov. 11)
Would someone please fix the ballast in the light at the old PNC Bank? It is an eyesore unto the community.

Why game tickets online only?
(Friday, Nov. 12)
Why are we forced to purchase game tickets online to watch our kids and grandkids play? This makes no sense to me. I go to games and I see plenty of old folks like me at every game. Why should I have to ask my kids for help just to go watch a football game? Foolish!

Leaf pickup on High and King streets?
(Friday, Nov. 12)
Will there be leaf pick-up on High Street or King Street? Asking for a friend.

Turning lane lines needed on pavement
(Nov. 16) Good afternoon. I’m calling concerning the intersection at South Mill Street and Rt. 30. There are no turning lane arrows on the pavement and here recently, there seems to be great confusion among drivers about who lines up where to turn which way and it’s becoming very dangerous. Also people are coming up on the far right on the berm outside the lanes to skip in front and it’s becoming a dangerous situation. There should be turning lane lines on the pavement to show each motorist which lane turns which way. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

One word for fire department: toxic
(Nov. 18) I read in your newspaper that someone thinks this fire department is running smoother than ever. They must live under a rock. One word for this fire department; toxic. Wake up, people, before someone gets hurt.

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  1. Vickie Menges on December 7, 2021 at 9:00 am

    How about some cheers and kudos for the ENTIRE football team. Those who play because they love the game, and want to win so they give their all. Without them maybe the team wouldn’t be so great. It takes 11 players on the field at one time and the rest backing them and working towards that goal. Not taking any credit away from those that get acknowledged but there are 11needed on the team at one time.

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