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Dalton Middle School wrestlers win Norwayne Cat Classic Jan. 8

DGKN staff report
Dalton Middle School wrestlers won their first tournament this year Jan. 8 at the Norwayne Cat Classic. This was a 14-team event. Avon placed second.
Champs are Ethan Houmard 80, Sam Ediger 122, and Caden Trivette 128; second place are Ethan Reed 98, Axl Ryder 110 and Andrew Galdamez 172; third are Jaxon Ryder 134 and Aiden Pelfrey 160; Ty Clark 104 was 5th.
“I am extremely proud of the middle school guys and I’m really happy with how hard they have worked all season,” said Dalton Head Coach Kenton Lemon in an email. “We have a couple wrestlers that are fairly new to the sport but they jumped right in and started working really hard with the veterans. It’s certainly exciting because those middle school wrestlers are going to be up at the high school in one to two years. It’s always nice to have newer wrestlers start in junior high so they can get the basics nailed down before they hit 9th grade. This is an extremely hard working group of middle school wrestlers and I’m excited to see what their future holds.”

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