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Dalton residents reminded to submit taxes to CCA

DALTON  Residents received a letter over the summer about the village contracting with CCA-Division of Taxation for all income tax functions and they are reminded:
* Submit taxes and payments to CCA, 205 W Saint Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113-1503 or file at https://efile. Call 216-664-2070.
* Federal and state tax filing deadlines for tax year 2021 will be April 18, 2022.
* Tax forms are available at and at
* A CCA team member can help complete income tax returns. Fill out the “CCA Division of Taxation – Taxpayer Assistance Form” on the CCA website. Residents sbe sure to include phone number in backup provided with tax documents.
* Dalton/CCA do not handle Dalton Local School District Income taxes. That is a separate form and tax.
* Fourth quarter estimates are due by Jan. 15. Taxpayers may be charged penalty and interest for failure to make quarterly estimated payments totaling at least 90% of the current tax year liability (tax year 2021) or 100% of the prior year tax liability (tax year 2020).

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