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Dalton Village Council Dec. 20 meeting report

DGKN staff
DALTON  A call to the right person might have finally alleviated a traffic congestion problem that village officials and others have been working to remedy for more than a year.

Mayor Dennis Finley has made phone calls to the Ohio Department of Transportation, sent emails, received communication from concerned citizens, taken video of the problem intersection, and done everything possible to try to improve the timing issue of the traffic lights at state Route 94 and U.S. 30, which was causing traffic to back up and rose concerns about collisions.

At Village Council’s Dec. 20 regular meeting, Finley announced during his mayor’s report that he worked with someone through the governor’s office who made a call to ODOT in Columbus and confirmed the timing issue was a programming error and was able to make a quick adjustment with a click of a computer mouse, and the timing issue seems to have improved. The intersection will continue to be monitored.

In other business,
* Council approved a motion to allow a variance to MARS Horsecare production facility, 330 E Schultz Ave., to install a well to provide water for an interior fire suppression system. This is part of an initiative in working through the business’ insurance carrier to provide a solution in response to an incident in October 2020 when fire broke out at the facility.

Finley said the Board of Affairs made a recommendation to move forward with the resolution. With a large facility like MARS, Finley noted the variance to grant the well would be in everyone’s best interests because in the long-term the village can pump only so much water from hydrants.

Finley said a resolution for council to vote on will be put together for the next meeting.

Read the entire report in the Jan. 12, 2022 edition.

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