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Dalton wrestlers end week 2-1


Dalton’s Bram McCourt

Dalton’s Branyan Zaleski

Dalton’s Greyson Siders

Dalton’s Seth Ryder

Dalton’s Kaiden Russell


DGKN staff report
Dalton’s varsity wrestling team competed in three duals last week going 2-1. Mid-week, the Dawgs wrestled Fairless and Loudonville at home and won both duals. On Friday, they traveled to West Holmes to take on the Knights, but were defeated 45-20. Going 3-0 this week were: Kaden Russell, Branyan Zaleski, Greyson Siders, Tate Geiser and Austin Ryder.

“I was much happier with our effort from the bottom position,” said Head Coach Kenton Lemon. “We have to continue to wear guys down on top, I’d like to see a stronger presence in the top position. These are some things that we will continue to work on throughout the next few weeks.”

The junior high team finished second as a team on Saturday.

Placers: 1st- Ethan Houmard, Sam Ediger, Jaxon Ryder; 2nd- Caden Trivette, Aiden Pelfrey; 3rd- Ethan Reed, Andrew Galdamez; 4th- Axl Ryder

“This is an extremely coachable group of young men,” Lemon said. “They really gave great effort throughout the entire season which is great to see because that’s the one thing there really isn’t a substitute for, effort. While some of the matches that we were in didn’t end up with the result that we wish would’ve come, each of these wrestlers gave great effort and hopefully learned a lot this season. Each of these student athletes were truly a pleasure to be around each day and they will all play an intricate roll in our high school team through the next 5-6 years. To say the least, I am excited to see what the future holds for each of these guys individually and then as a team again when they all get up to the high school.

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