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Grand debut in 2022: Kidron couple’s New Year baby was expected before Christmas

KIDRON  Krista Marie was late.

But her parents weren’t surprised. Her older sisters had been late as well.

This past month around the holidays, Krista’s mother, Rebecca Horst, kept in contact with one of her good friends, Amanda Neuenschwander, who lives nearby. Neuenschwander, who was born on New Year’s Day 29 years ago, joked with her friend that she wouldn’t mind having a “birthday buddy.”

Rebecca and Wendell Horst both volunteer for Kidron Volunteer Fire Department. Residents may see Wendell responding to calls. He’s a firefighter and EMR. Rebecca, on the other hand, works behind the scenes. A mother of three: Courtney, 11, Kaylene, 9, and Kenita, 5, Rebecca often babysat the young children for other volunteers on the fire department when they responded to calls. She’ll be taking a bit of a break this year from some of this volunteer work since baby No. 4 arrived.

The Horsts knew they were welcoming a fourth little girl, but they kept the gender a surprise to their loved ones.

As the end of December drew near, the Horsts were expecting Krista any day.

“I was hoping before Christmas,” Rebecca said, “but my babies always come late so this was not a big surprise.”

Read the complete story in the Jan. 12, 2022 edition.

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