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Allison Hostetler,

Dalton kindergarten teacher

Reason for selection: Ms. Hostetler does an excellent job in the classroom working with our youngest learners. She shows patience and kindness on a daily basis in all situations. She is involved in many activities outside the classroom and does an outstanding job in representing the district in all of them. We appreciate and are glad Ms. Hostelter is part of Dalton Local Schools.

1. What do you love about working at Dalton Local Schools? 

I love that I am able to work in the same district that I attended and be involved in our close knit community. It has been fun working with teachers who I had when I grew up and now teaching many of my friends’ children. Teaching kindergarten is very rewarding and fulfilling and makes me laugh every single day. The kids are a joy to be around and I love that I don’t only see them at school, but I will also see them at a sporting event or outside on a nice summer day.

2. How did you get to where you are today?
After high school, I attended Capital University in Columbus where I majored in Early Child-hood Education and Interven-tion Specialist. I worked for Chippewa Local Schools for four years before coming back to Dalton where I have now been for eight years.

3. Tell us one interesting little fact about yourself that people would be surprised to hear.
I really enjoy to travel and especially look forward to the mother/daughter trips my mom and I have taken the past several years. We have been to many different places including Mexico, the Finger Lakes, Europe and Savannah, GA. When we went to Europe we had the amazing opportunity to stay with our exchange student that had lived with our family for almost a year when I was in first grade. She lives in Paris and when we were going to meet her, we took the train from London to Paris. When we were just about an hour away, our train broke down and we were stuck on it for eleven hours. By the time we finally arrived to Paris, we had lost lots of time together as well as an Eiffel Tower tour, but it was still a once in a lifetime trip!

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