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PRIMARY ELECTION 2022: Fire/EMS renewal levies on May ballot

DGKN staff report

Eastern Wayne County voters will see renewal levies on their ballots this spring for fire and EMS service in Sugar Creek Township and the East Wayne Fire District coverage area.

Similar to November 2020, voters in the northern portion of the township will be considering a 2.9-mill fire and EMS levy for their taxing district, which is called the Northern Sugar Creek Township Fire District and supports East Wayne Fire District.

Voters in the southern portion of the township will see on the ballot again a 1.5-mill levy for their taxing district which is named the Southern Sugar Creek Township Fire District. This levy benefits KVFD primarily, as well as Orrville Fire Department, which covers a small area.

Both of the levies are renewals of an existing levy and each of the levies are for two years.

The estimated tax revenue generated for the levy in the Northern Sugar Creek Township Fire District is $140,100. The levy in the southern taxing district is expected to bring in an estimated $103,700. The first collection will be in 2023.

Both Dalton and Marshallville residents also will see the renewal of an existing levy on their ballots in May.

The renewal levy is 2.9 mills for two years to help pay for fire and EMS through East Wayne Fire District, which has a station in each of the villages.

“It’s the people’s levy is what it comes down to,” said East Wayne Fire District chairman Ryan Sullivan. “When they call 911 they would like highly trained qualified firefighters and EMTs to show up to their house at all hours of the day and night. That will help support that type of venture.”

When the levy passed in November 2020, East Wayne Fire District was able to pay for staffing at the station for the first time. The district plans to continue as well as build upon service in the future.

“East Wayne Fire District appreciates their support,” Sullivan said. “We appreciate their support in the past and we appreciate their support in the future. We want to provide a high quality professional service to them 24/7 365.”

So far, the district is able to staff at least two members at a time 8-12 hours per day.

EWFD has had a busy year so far with 146 runs as the district was nearing the end of March.

“Our focus is to provide a high level of service for the people, that’s what they deserve,” Sullivan said.

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