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VIEWSLINE: What’s the scoop on not picking up dog poop?

What’s the scoop on not picking up dog poop?

Apparently, the clean up after your dog rule/law doesn’t apply if no one is watching.

I was sitting at my table the other day when someone walked their dog past my window. The dog stopped to do his business in the curb strip. While the dog was busy the owner kept looking around to see if anyone was watching. When the dog was done, the owner stooped over and picked up a stick then, after looking around a couple more times, used the stick to flip the dog’s business out into the street.

The owner had a doggie bag along with them, apparently didn’t want to use it.

Woodridge Estates

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  1. Dan Boomerman on April 11, 2022 at 8:33 pm

    Nobody likes a hall monitor. Just sayin.

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