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What do you think about U.S. 30 safety improvement proposals? ODOT seeks input at public meeting June 2 in Dalton

ODOT seeks public input for U.S. 30 traffic improvement proposals

DGKN staff report

DALTON  The Ohio Department of Transportation has scheduled a public meeting/open house 5-7 p.m. June 2 at Dalton Elementary & Middle School cafeteria, 250 N Church St., regarding the U.S. 30 safety improvement project in Wayne County.

Meeting materials and a comment opportunity will be available on the project website immediately following the meeting at:

Comments may also be submitted via email, phone, or mail to:

Donald E. Rostofer, ODOT District 3 906 Clark Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805

Phone: 419-207-7178

Email: Donald.

Anyone who is unable to attend the public meeting is invited to share comments and concerns no later than July 2, by project website, email, phone, or mail.

Individuals who require interpretation services or a reasonable accommodation to participate in this meeting should contact Crystal Neelon at 419-281-0513, no later than May 20.

“Public input is an important part of the project development process and provides valuable feedback that helps guide decision-making through all phases of development,” according to a letter from ODOT to Dalton Mayor Dennis Finley shared with The DGKN.

ODOT is proposing intersection safety improvements along the U.S. 30 corridor in Wayne County. Intersecting roads along U.S. 30 between Kansas Road and West Lebanon Road will be the focus of this meeting. The purpose of these projects is to address and improve safety conditions.

The Department completed a study of the US 30 corridor in April 2022. As part of this study, each of the intersecting roads, along with a few higher volume business driveways, were reviewed to determine operational and safety needs. Alternatives were then reviewed at several of these intersections/driveways to accomplish specific study goals. These alternatives included: No-build, Median Closures, Reduced Conflict U-Turn (RCUT), and Superstreet intersections. These alternatives are defined below.

  • “No-Build” Alternative – Represents the existing roadway conditions as they are today.
  • “Median Closure” Alternative – Includes closing the mainline median on US 30. The median closure will affect travel patterns by rerouting traffic along ancillary roadways to reach destinations.
  • “Reduced Conflict U-Turn” (RCUT) Alternative – This improvement would involve mainline median closures with U-turns located downstream of the main intersection. Side-street left turns and through traffic would need to turn right on US 30 and then perform a U-turn downstream at the designated U-turn area to complete their original desired movement.
  • “Superstreet” Alternative – Similar to a RCUT, superstreet intersections redirect side-street left turns and through traffic to make right turns and travel downstream to a signalized U-turn area where drivers can then complete their original desired movement.

The Department has reviewed the recommendations from the study and is recommending they become the preferred alternative at each intersection, the letter states.

“We welcome your input on these recommendations and would appreciate your feedback,” the ODOT letter states.

Minor environmental impacts are anticipated due to these projects. Likely affects include possible ecological impacts; minor impacts to historic properties; and likely additional Regulated Materials Review investigations for hazardous materials.

“To ensure the proposed projects are viable and successful, we are asking all those interested to attend and participate in this public meeting,” the letter states. “We want your comments regarding the social, environmental, and economic impacts of these proposed projects. Additionally, we would appreciate any information you may have on the existence of cultural resources (archaeological, historic, architectural), ecological resources (streams, wetlands, etc.), or hazardous materials (dump sites, underground and above ground storage tanks, etc.) within the project areas.”


  1. Diane on May 10, 2022 at 11:41 am

    These studies were not done after the improvements made to the 57 intersection. How do we know that more improvements are needed? The study is not accurate.

  2. Janet on May 10, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    The people making these decisions need to actually spend a week in Dalton driving and studying the amount of daily traffic, not making decisions by looking at drawings. The route 30/94 crossing was made worse with the closure of the crossing at top of the hill due to P Graham Dunn traffic. Henry St is not a road for trucks or high volume employee traffic. 30/94 has always been a dangerous intersection and has been made worse. I vote for first option, no changes except fix what you already made worse.

  3. Joshua on May 10, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    Open back up the 30/94 intersection!!!! It has caused more traffic build up! Specifically at main light in front of gas stations and dairette !!! The study looks to be very flawed too!!

    • Doug Manley on May 11, 2022 at 8:15 pm

      It doesn’t matter what our input is,. DOT people already have their plans made,. Was a waste of time for meeting about Wenger Rd median,. They closed it anyway,. Creating more traffic backups at 30-94 light,. All vehicles have to use this intersection now,. What a cluster f#&¥€ it is,. DOT reopen Wenger Rd to reduce main intersection traffick,. Use your head for more than a hat stand,,,,,,,

  4. Wendell on May 12, 2022 at 9:29 am

    I suggest much more time be allotted before making decisions. This is way too big a project to do a study in April and decide in May?
    Bridges may be solution? Remember the Fiasco at Kansas Rd? An Amish bridge built after shutting down Kansas Rd. Terrible costly decision!
    Bridges are the long term solution but may take years of planning!
    Wenger rd closing is big problem!
    Distracted and incompetent drivers are going to cause accidents no mater if they are driving straight down a 4 lane highway.
    The Rt 57 and Rt 30 intersection is operating efficient and safely as it has been updated with new fuel station!
    Take time, obviously money is not issue.

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