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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questions arise about ODOT’s proposed R-Cuts for U.S. 30

I realize that something needs to done with the traffic on US 30, but I have several questions about the proposed R-Cuts. Has there been this many R-Cuts ( approx. 8 in 7 miles) created in the past in Ohio?

When you merge from the R-Cut, you are merging in the left lane or passing lane. This will force thru traffic to the right lane. Is there enough distance, if you want to turn right at next intersection, to merge into the right lane to make that turn? With no right turn lanes at 5 of the intersections, will traffic slow down to allow right turns without rear ending someone?

With impatient and distracted drivers, I am concerned. Nothing has been stated about the future speed limit. With the current speed limit of 55 and the speed bumps, traffic still travels at 65 -70 mph. With these R-Cuts, it will essentially eliminate any Amish buggies crossing US 30. Farmers will have a difficult time navigating the R-Cuts with machinery.

Fire and EMS service will be delayed getting to the east end of Sugar Creek Township. When ODOT closed Wenger road, they were proposing R-Cuts but admitted that their consultants had not physically seen the road and could not put in the R-Cuts. All ODOT is concerned about is the thru traffic, not how it will affect the local traffic.

David Wengerd
Sugar Creek Township

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