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Road to proposed safety improvements paved with concerns

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Public officials, residents and business owners attended a public input meeting June 2 at Dalton Elementary & Middle School hosted by Ohio Department of Transportation regarding proposed changes at intersections along U.S. 30 in Wayne County.

Intersections along U.S. 30 in Wayne County will look different if proposed alternatives such as RCUTS, Superstreets, and median closures are implemented to improve safety. Many are concerned other traffic hazards will be created with changes.


DALTON  Local government and Ohio Department of Transportation officials alike agreed they were pleased to see the large turnout Thursday at a public input meeting regarding ODOT’S proposed changes to intersections along U.S. 30.

Many people have agreed improved safety and fewer traffic crashes on roadways in the area certainly is in everyone’s best interests, but many residents are not in agreement about how to go about improving safety along the busy stretch of highway in Wayne County between Kansas and West Lebanon roads.

The high number of crashes places the corridor near the top of ODOT’s priority list and a study ODOT conducted 2015-2019 that analyzed crash data, capacity and existing conditions provides planning level estimates and concept plans for 14 major intersections and four major driveways. These crossroads are all used by residents regularly and motorists passing through and lead to businesses, gas stations, restaurants and residences, including farms. ODOT has proposed RCUTS, Superstreets, and median closures among alternatives. These alternatives have proven to reduce crashes in other areas where they have been implemented, but some people have expressed concern about how these proposed changes may affect local traffic patterns, and the alternatives themselves may be difficult for some vehicles to traverse in this area where typical modes of transportation include semitrailers, large slower moving farm equipment, Amish buggies and bicycles. From 2015-2019, there were 242 total crashes at intersections that ODOT analyzed in a study: two were fatal, 112 were injury accidents, 128 were property damage only. Major crash types included 112 rear-end and 78 angle crashes.

Read the complete story in the June 8, 2022 edition. 



  1. Arie Troyer on June 17, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    Reopening Wenger with turn lanes, blinking lights, & mowed grass, should be considered before spending millions. My accident was due to grass taller then the racing eastbound vehicle and me trying to get off of 30. No turn lanes and people driving like rt 30 is a race track.

    • Anna Kohler on June 18, 2022 at 8:35 am

      I have lived in Dalton my whole life. That being said since I graduated around 10 yrs ago and was able to drive I have heard of more accidents at the Kohler/30 intersection than I did at the Wenger/30 intersection. I agree with the reopening of Wenger rd intersection. I also think that instead of completely changing the intersection at 30/94 I think they should just make the lights facing 94 and in between the gas stations last a little bit longer than they do. 1) people wouldn’t be trying to fly through the yellow light after sitting through 2 rounds of red lights as much and 2) traffic waiting for those lights wouldn’t back up like it does. Try small changes first instead of spending millions of dollars. Limiting access like they want will cause businesses to decline and farmers and locals will have to go way out of the way to cross to the other side. Farmers and Amish biggies will be in more danger because they are slow moving and will be required to take the highway more to get into town or cross town…. highway is for fast moving vehicles and it will be forcing the slow moving ones to have to actually be on the highway instead of just crossing it.

  2. Camille Olsen on June 18, 2022 at 10:18 am

    I agree with all the comments that have been posted, Closing Wenger Rd was a dumb mistake and they would not listen to Dalton’s residents. Their study was done in 2015-2019 and now they want to change things that will be worst.. They need to stay in Dalton for just 1 week and they will see how we live with the changes they did when they closed Wenger Rd. Wake up ODTO and don’t make this your choice. I also said when Rt 30 was built a bridge should be at Rt 30 and State 94. and I still stand by my reason.

  3. Aaron Sommer on June 18, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    I agree with these posts. Closing Wenger/30 was a big mistake. Funnels even more local traffic downtown to navigate more frustrating and unsafe conditions due to forced, increased traffic activity. Crossing was one variable, which is now many, due to cutting it off. Changing the light pattern has also increased more stress on the downtown intersection. These implemented measures are unwanted changes, not solutions.

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