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Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine – June 29 edition

Three fire department resignations show lack of care for community

(Received June 23)
When 3 people organize their resignations to coincide on the same day it is not a coincidence. Leaving with no notice shows the intention to hurt the department and the community it serves. This shows immaturity. This shows lack of leadership. This shows disdain for our community. We should all be thankful that their true colors showed now and not during an emergency. Your decision is shameful and you obviously don’t care about this community. You will be quickly replaced in our fire department and you will be just as quickly forgotten by our community. Such a shame.

Speeding tickets, law enforcement could eliminate need for ODOT’s changes

R-Cuts, Roundabouts, extra lanes, traffic lights, arrows . . . I would like to see the accident data in the 90’s. Dalton was ticket city. Nobody sped through Dalton because you were going to get a ticket and if it wasn’t issued by the local police department, the statey’s surely would. We could stop the accidents, gain revenue for our town, eliminate the need for all these changes if law enforcement would consider tightening down enforcement. Why is this such a difficult concept to understand?

Fire chiefs must have realized ‘doo doo about to hit the fan’

(Received June 24)
Attorney Comstock, the attorney for East Wayne Fire District writes a scathing letter regarding “Legal and Ethical Issues” within our fire department just a couple days after 3 fire chiefs resign. He points out a laundry list of things that aren’t being done correctly. Do you really think those chiefs didn’t realize that do-do was about to hit the fan? As a not so great leader would say, “C’mon Man!”

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