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Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine – July 6, 2022 edition

The Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine is an anonymous 24/7 views line like many other newspapers provide where people are able to leave a brief voice mail with a compliment, comment, criticism or concern without leaving their name or phone number. An outside service transcribes the voice mails. Please refrain from profanity and personal attacks. Call 234-815-0392.

‘Conflict of interest’ in local government

Over the last year or so, I’ve heard the term “conflict of interest” thrown around a lot in our political circles. Let’s see, we’ve heard about brothers, in-laws, cousins, and even a married couple sitting on the same board making decisions . . . I just ask where we draw the line. If it’s OK, I think my wife, kids, son-in-law, and father-in-law would like to run council for awhile and see if we can’t straighten out this town! It’s all silly if you ask me.


DVFD no stranger to firefighters leaving

How easy is it to forget July 2008? There were 8 firemen who took a leave of absence for 6 months but 2 weeks later they came back to the department as if they did nothing wrong. 2 who resigned were the same guys who did it in July 2008. The letter to the editor on June 29 states Dalton lost 3 paramedics but why is this any different than what happened in 2008? Our department lost 5 paramedics and they survived. Think about it and the residents should start asking questions. Our mayor is trying to make things better not worse. Boo hoo they didn’t get their way.


Thankful to East-Wayne Fire chiefs

I want to thank Kyle Nussbaum, Isaac Hall and Mr. Downs for your service to our community.
I’m very disappointed in our Mayor and Village Council for sticking their nose into a situation where it didn’t belong.


Kidron should manage EWFD

Why couldn’t Kidron just take over the management side of our fire department? They don’t have problems like this.

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