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Dalton/Kidron VIEWSLINE: Callers comment on No Turn on Red sign, public meetings and more

(10:42 a.m. Sept. 1)

No Turn on Red sign should be placed on closer set of lights

Hi, I am calling in regards to the no turn on red sign that is posted at 30 and 94. If they want to put that sign there I guess they can but they put it on the farthest set of lights instead of putting it on the set of lights closest to where the traffic comes out and apparently people are not seeing it at least the one I saw the other day. Just wondered why they put it so far away.
Thank You.

(6:10 a.m. Sept. 2)

Dalton residents close to losing fire service, should attend meetings

I don’t think my friends and neighbors realize how close we are to not having fire emergency services. Everyone in this town, I’m talking about Dalton, should be at every public meeting getting educated. Just wait until you have an emergency and it takes a 1/2 hour for North Lawrence to arrive because one our department is gone, you think Kidron is going to bail you out? Not going to happen. They want to be left alone.

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