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Scott Huth

5-12 physical education

Reason for selection:
Mr. Huth does many roles for us at Dalton Local Schools. He does a great job in the classroom, in coaching our student athletes, helping manage sporting events and even drives our bus! He cares for our students and their ability to be a well rounded individual and that is evident in his interactions with them each day. Thank you Mr. Huth for being a valuable asset to Dalton Local Schools.

1. What do you love about working at Dalton Local Schools?
I grew up in Sterling, which is very small and has a strong religious background and great family support. Dalton is very similar and it is just great to be involved with such a supportive and caring community. The support we get here in Dalton for education and athletics is pretty awesome.

2. How did you get to where you are today?
My parents both drove school buses for Norwayne for many years. I had to ride along with them on their routes for as long as I can remember. My dad drove the bus to every away football and basketball game for Norwayne as well. I developed some pretty good relationships with teachers and coaches very early on because of that. In particular, my basketball coach, Mr. Terry O’Hare, and my baseball coach, Mr. Tim Keith, both in the classroom and through athletics, inspired me to want to be a teacher. My dad and my oldest brother fed my love for basketball and baseball and influenced me to pursue coaching. I graduated from the University of Akron and then received my Master’s degree in Education Administration from Ashland University. In the early to mid 90’s I came to Dalton to coach basketball with Coach Potopsky but there was no teaching position available for me at that time. I really enjoyed the community and was excited to be offered a position shortly after being a coach here. I have been a teacher and coach here now for 20 years and feel very blessed to be here and to be the head baseball coach.

3. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that people would be surprised to hear.
Because of my parents’ bus driving careers, I learned to drive a school bus at a pretty young age. I now have my license and help out at Dalton when I can. In the summers, and on some weekends during the school year, I also drive a charter bus and get to take some pretty nice trips. I have two children who were very successful student/athletes at Dalton. Both now are working in the Medical field, and in the summer of 2021, both got married within 3 months of each other. My wife and I have also visited 17 of the 30 major league baseball parks with a goal of seeing them all.

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