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Motorcycle-loving Kidron man takes trip down memory lane

Amos Geiser and his wife, Erma, and other family members made a special trip to a Harley-Davidson store in Bedford to reminisce and show owner Chris Meyers a letter that motorcyclist Amos had kept for nearly seven decades. A photo of previous owner Paul Meyers, Chris Meyers’ grandfather, whom Amos met and bought a bike from nearly 70 years ago, is in the background.

DGKN correspondent

How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

Ninety-two year old Amos Geiser, of Kidron, kept a letter stored away for almost 70 years.

He is glad that he did.

This past summer, that little hand-written note on South East Harley-Davidson Sales letterhead that emerged from a pile of old papers resulted in a unique reunion of sorts. It made a welcome excuse for this local motorcycle-loving family to make a fun trip to a Harley-Davidson dealership, and a meaningful trip down memory lane.

It all started when he was working on the family farm as a teenager. Always a daredevil, he and his brothers welded one bike frame on top of another, making a high rise bike. He also had a Wizard motorbike. You bought the motor, and mounted it on a bicycle.

He helped at home and started a milk truck business. Then, he was drafted for the Korean War.

“I wanted to take care of my business, but the time came when the draft board sent me a letter that said ‘today you gotta go.’ So I left and then my brothers, Gilbert and Syl took over and kept on driving the milk truck,” Geiser said.

Read the complete story in the Oct. 26, 2022 edition.

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