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Letter to editor from Marshallville mayor regarding East Wayne Fire District

Dear Editor:
I read this statement at the October 19 th East Wayne Fire District Meeting.

I would like to make a statement to clarify my position as Mayor of Marshallville regarding the EWFD.

The Village of Marshallville, its council and I have always and will continue to support the EWFD in any
way that we can. I believe that the EWFD Board needs to have the chance to run the EWFD without
outside interference. If there are issues that need addressed in the course of running the EWFD, there
needs to be a set of standards that everyone recognizes and follows. Complaints need to be resolved by
the Chief, the Board and then if, absolutely necessary, the villages.

A recent complaint that I have heard concerns why I am reluctant to schedule additional meetings
between the Marshallville and Dalton Councils. Marshallville and Dalton Councils should meet and
discuss the Joint Operating Resolution for the district but only after the Dalton Council and their Mayor
have made a commitment to stay in the district and look to the future for growth. I have been told by
Mayor Finley three times that his council is ready to make a motion to withdraw from the district and
that there is support to pass that motion. Why would our councils meet to discuss the Resolution if
there is intent to dissolve it? And yes, I will only meet for discussion with our solicitors present. We are
discussing making changes to a binding legal document and I am not a lawyer. This to protect the EWFD,
its employees and volunteers, and both the Villages of Dalton and Marshallville.

I am saddened that there are individuals trying to make this a “Marshallville vs Dalton” issue. There is
absolutely no truth to this statement. My only goal is to support the EWFD in both the Villages of
Marshallville and Dalton. We have skilled and dedicated firefighters and EMTs that deserve our support
and thanks; they are committed to serving our communities and they deserve a stable and appreciative
working environment. I believe we (Dalton and Marshallville) need to work together to insure the future
of EWFD. At the end of the day, all of our residents deserve the peace of mind that if they have an
emergency and call 911, there will be trained professionals show up to help them. That is the goal we
should all be working towards.

Martha A. Martin

mayor of Marshallville

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  1. Donna Warner on November 26, 2022 at 5:55 am

    The mayor of Marshallville is expressing what so many residents of Dalton and Sugar Creek Township believe but don’t want to express because if would be fighting city hall. It’s time for the mayor of Dalton to stop listening to all the trouble makers and support EWFD.

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