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Lauren Shaffer
Dalton High School Spanish teacher

Reason for Selection:
Mrs. Shaffer has done a phenomenal job in her role as Spanish Teacher and NHS Advisor at DHS. Her willingness to help students in any way possible has had an enormous positive impact on our school.
Mrs. Shaffer’s work and commitment to DHS and its students is greatly valued and appreciated.

1. What do you love about working at Dalton Local Schools?

I love working in a place where the staff, parents and community members truly care about our students and are there to support them in every way possible. I also love that I get to spend my days working with the most awesome students. I have many of my students for two or three consecutive years in high school and I love watching them grow both academically and personally.

2. How did you get to where you are today?

In high school, I had both a band director and a Spanish teacher whom I greatly admired and who inspired me to pursue a degree in Education. While I started at the University of Akron as a music education major, I ultimately decided to keep music as a hobby and instead pursue licensure in Spanish and English as a second language. This is now my 12th year teaching with 11 of those years at Dalton Local Schools. I am fortunate that I have also had opportunities to bring my love for music into my work at DHS, as I have helped with the marching band and sometimes play in the orchestra for the spring musical.

3. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that people would be surprised to hear.

A friend once put a video of my cat online and it went viral. It started on a Friday afternoon, and by Monday some of my students had come across the video not knowing that it was my cat! While his fame was very short-lived, he still insists on celebrity treatment!


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