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Terri Fogel
DEMS paraprofessional

Reason for selection:
As Mrs. Fogel begins her retirement, it needs to be said that she has been a true star on our staff. For the last 18 years, she has provided help and support to anyone in need. Whether it be a teacher or student, Mrs. Fogel has always been there with her kind smile and cheery disposition to raise everyone’s spirits. The light she has provided Dalton Local Schools, will be hard to match. Thank you Mrs. Fogel for truly being a bright spot in our hallways.

1. What do you love about working at Dalton Local?

There are so many reasons I have loved working at Dalton! In the beginning, I loved it because I was working at the same school that my son was at. How wonderful is that for a mom? Then as I got to know the staff, the students in our school, and the people in our community I realized how lucky I was to be here. With our staff, if you ever need support they are right there. With our students, they can brighten any day with a smile, a joke, or a fist bump. With people from our community, I have made lifelong friendships.

2. How did you get to where you are today?

When I started working I was in the finance business and did that for 23 years. I stopped working when we decided to build a home in Kidron. While our house was being built, the school year started so I was driving my son to Kidron Elementary from North Canton every day. One day I asked the school secretary, Pat Hofstetter, if I could sign up to be a substitute for her and she said yes and for the library too! Pat and Karen Mlincek, the librarian, were my mentors. They taught me so much and made me feel so welcome. That first year I volunteered at school so many days I think our principal, Pam Domer, felt like she had to offer me a job. I was awarded a Presidential Volunteer Award that year too.

3. Please share an interesting little known fact about yourself:
A fact that people might not know is that I have had the same friend since we were in second grade (53+ years!) and we take line dancing lessons every week. I have been in the beginners class for about 6 years now but we sure have fun!


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