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HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Plants for sale; gardening at library

Flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents and other plants thrive in baskets and neat rows at the Dalton Greenhouse, 250 W Schultz, which has become an annual tradition for many visitors each spring for decades.


Dalton 6th grade students get plants ready for the annual DEMS Greenhouse Plant Sale May 10 and 11.


Local greenhouses are bursting with life and warmth, and welcoming visitors to purchase flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs and more to add color and cheer to their homes this season inside and out.

At the Dalton Greenhouse, 250 W Schultz, longtime owner Marie Septer began receiving phone calls about specific flowers and plants after Easter.

She and family and friends have been planting and transplanting this spring. Neat rows and hanging baskets fill the greenhouses with greenery and blooms waiting for annual visitors from Wayne and surrounding counties and beyond to make their annual tradition of visiting the Dalton Greenhouse and others in the area.

DEMS greenhouse plant sale May 10-11

Mark your calendars as Dalton Elementary and Middle School students continue what has become a tradition of an annual greenhouse plant sale of plants the students have grown themselves.
The annual DEMS Greenhouse Plant Sale will be 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, May 10 in the greenhouse and 2-4 p.m. Thursday, May 11 in the cafeteria. The sale includes flowers, vegetables, herbs, succulents, and hanging baskets.
Dalton kindergarten through sixth-grade students have an opportunity to grow plants and learn about the process thanks to Dalton Elementary & Middle School’s own greenhouse behind the school. The greenhouse was installed in 2017 thanks to donations and grants and contributions from the community, businesses and organizations.
STEAM teacher Laura Grimm brought students from her classroom out to the greenhouse for the past few years before retiring, and DEMS STEAM teacher Justin Abshear has been following in her footsteps and leading the young gardeners and scientists this year.
Throughout the school year, the sixth grade STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) class is the grade that uses the greenhouse the most, Abshear wrote in an email. They do many different growing projects including hydroponically growing lettuce for the cafeteria to serve at the salad bar. During the 4th grading period, 6th grade STEAM is responsible for mixing soil, planting seeds, and checking the health of all of the greenhouse sale plants. All of these tasks usually take about 2 or 3 class periods per week, he wrote.
“I hope the students have a positive and rewarding experience from the Greenhouse Sale,” Abshear said in the email. “I know for most students, working with the greenhouse and growing plants is something brand new. Introducing students to something new and hands-on is very rewarding for myself and for the students. They also are proud of what they have done and love seeing how much the plants grow over time.”
All proceeds from the Greenhouse Sale go back into supplies for the greenhouse and the STEAM program, Abshear said.
Kindergarten through third-grade students are growing plants in the greenhouse. These are plants that they get to take home as a present for a loved one, Abshear wrote.

Children’s Garden at Dalton Library May 23
With the support of Lehman’s in Kidron, the Dalton Branch of the Wayne County Public Library has maintained a children’s community garden since 2017, according to information provided by Branch Manager Teresa Jager. Lehman’s kindly donated the planter boxes and tools and the library is thankful to Lehman’s for continuing to sponsor the garden and garden programs.
Local gardener Karen Geiser has educated all ages at library gardening programs. Programs have included a pollinator garden, green bean trellis, salsa garden, and Mexican sour gherkins. Flowers from the pollinator garden were delivered to residents by the Dalton Friends of the Library to brighten their day. Patrons have created dishes from veggies grown in the garden, including salsa and even created flower arrangements to enter in the county fair.
At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 23, Geiser will share kid-friendly gardening tips as participants work together to plant the library’s raised garden beds with veggies and flowers. Registration for ages 5 and up is required and parents’ help is suggested.
To register, call the Dalton Library at 330-828-8486.

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