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Q&A with Dalton High School resource officer Dannon Svab

MEET YOUR SRO  Dalton High School’s new school resource officer Dannon Svab previously worked for 20 years with the Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources. From left, Dalton Police Chief Ryan Pearson, Svab and new full-time officer Tucker McAfee.

Dalton Local Schools Superintendent Jim Saxer and new high school school resource officer Dannon Svab.


Q&A with Dalton High School resource officer Dannon Svab:

DGKN staff report

1. What is your law enforcement background before coming to Dalton?

For nearly 20 years, I worked for the state of Ohio with the Department of Natural Resources.
Basically, we were law enforcement for all the state parks, lakes, wildlife areas, nature preserves and wherever else we were needed. I was a sergeant for about 10 of those years.

2. Why did you decide to apply to be a school resource officer here?

Dalton is a great area with excellent schools and athletics. The small-town atmosphere and community’s passion for all they do here makes it a very appealing place to work.

3. In general, why do you think it’s important to have school resource officers?

In general ensuring safety and security for students, staff and parents, while helping with communication, education and assisting as needed are all critically important to providing the best learning environment possible.

4. What are your main duties as a school resource officer at Dalton High School?

Duties include providing safety, security and assisting as needed with communication, education and miscellaneous tasks.

5. In the summer, what are your duties when school isn’t in session?

In the summer I will work patrol and attend various training related to being a school resource officer.

6. Just for fun – can you please share with us an interesting hobby/activity you enjoy in your spare time?

I’m married with three kids so attending and helping with all of our children’s activities takes up most of my spare time. Training and coaching sports is probably my favorite thing to do.


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