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2023 Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale Aug. 10-12

DGKN staff report

The 2023 Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale will be Aug. 10-12.

A free Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale Travelers Guide will be distributed along the corridors of Ohio’s portion of America’s historic first coast-to-coast paved road, according to The guide can be found at local businesses such as Lehman’s Hardware in Kidron and a printable listing of yard sales and locations as well as yard sale tips and other information can be found at

Yard salers in Ohio have roughly 500 miles of yard sales, community events and festivals.

Last year, there were more than 1,000 individual and organizational sales just in Ohio, the website states. Parts of Indiana, Illinois and Iowa are participating this year as well. West Virginia’s 2-mile segment of the highway in Chester is also part of the Buy-Way.

Dubbed the Ohio Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, the route is promoted at “Rediscover our automotive past by traveling the Lincoln Highway, America’s first transcontinental road, built in 1913 to encourage good roads for all. Travel through small charming towns and see early relics of the road that your grandparents knew!”


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