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ELECTIONS 2023: Close unofficial results show voters choosing some new faces in local government in eastern Wayne County

In final unofficial results, the Wayne County Board of Elections summary report showed that newcomer Blake Nussbaum barely edged out incumbent Dennis Finley in the Dalton mayoral race in the November election. Nussbaum received 341 or 50.22 percent of the votes and Finley received 338 or 49.78 percent of the votes. 

DGKN staff report

In final unofficial results, Wayne County Board of Elections provided its election summary report at 11:30 p.m. Nov. 7 showing some new faces will be seen leading local government in eastern Wayne County.

  • In an extremely close Dalton mayoral race, Blake D. Nussbaum received 341 votes (50.22%) to incumbent Dennis H. Finley’s 338 votes (49.78%). 
  • Cheryl Drew (347) and Dave Gibson (308) were chosen by voters to fill the two seats on Dalton Village Council over incumbent Jim Bucklew who received 283 votes and Deanna Heck who received 245 votes.
  • Ron Hatfield was the only candidate running for mayor of Marshallville and he received 180 votes. Jesse Allison was the only candidate for village council and received 147 votes.
  • Melissa Irwin was the only candidate for Mayor of Mt. Eaton and received 62 votes. Jessica Miller received 53 votes and Paige Miller received 51 votes for Mt. Eaton Village Council and voters could select both of them to fill seats.
  • Thomas R. Poulson was the only candidate for mayor of Smithville and he received 409 votes. Patrick J. Finn and Adrienne A. Karlen were the only candidates for Smithville Village Council and voters had the opportunity to vote for both of them to fill two seats.
  • In the Baughman Township board of trustees race, Mark W. Geiser was chosen (793) by voters over incumbent Mike Geiser (618). A write-in candidate for Baughman Township fiscal officer, Carolyn S. Baer received four votes. 
  • In the Apple Creek mayoral race, incumbent Rodney E. Mackey led with 201 votes to Mark T. Reichel’s 168 votes. 
  • Rees H. Davies won (1,322) against John C. Lorson (1,280) for the Council at large race for the City of Orrville
  • In Sugar Creek Township, Tom Gregory (1,745) and Scott Feltis (1,522) ran unopposed to keep their seats on the board of trustees and Colleen Sprunger (1,627) was the only candidate for township fiscal officer.
  • East Union Township trustee race Joseph A. Rabatin is led with 751 votes to Blake Meier’s 706 votes and Valorie L. Lewis (1,195) was th eonly candidate for fiscal officer.
  • Green Township trustee race Scott D. Imhoff leading 2,610 votes to George Tom Pertee 883 votes
  • Dalton school board Seth Clark (1,727) and Jeffrey Jager (1,452) both keep their seats and were the only candidates running.
  • Megan Middleton (1,789) and Jamie Kovacs (1,460) received most votes for the two seats on Orrville school board followed by Susan Corfman (1,437) and Brent Miller (1,212)
  • Southeast school board: Brian R. Miller (1,410), David D. Troyer (1,364) and Rick Reynolds (1,030) received most votes for the three seats followed by Cheryl J. Steiner (923) and Sandra Cernigilia (842) 
  • East Union Township 1.5-mill levy passed 964 to 570 in unofficial results.
  • Village of Dalton gas aggregation passed 551 to 129
  • Village of Dalton 0.5% income tax increase passed with 386 voting for the income tax and 319 against
  • Village of Marshallville 9.8-mill levy passed with 127 voting for the tax levy and 95 against

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  1. B Stoll. on November 8, 2023 at 8:04 am

    Good news for Dalton, Marshallville, & Baughman Twp. Seems the negative, attack type politicians are done. These are good communities with good citizens who wont condone the falsehoods & corruption. How Cheryl Drew was treated by Finley was abominable. She is taking the high road by coming back to serve her community.

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