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Real Estate Tips

REAL ESTATE TIPS: Much to consider when buying investment property

This past week I sold a couple their first investment property. They were so excited and I was excited for them! Like your personal home, there are a lot of decisions to make when buying an investment property. And just like when you are buying your personal home, it is part exhilarating and part scary.…

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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Remember to give thanks for our homes

Thanksgiving is next week. I would be surprised if there is a person out there who doesn’t like Thanksgiving. For the most part, it is a low-key holiday. You aren’t out spending a lot of time shopping like at Christmas, not worried about if the weather could mess up your grilling plans on Memorial Day…

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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Decorating at the holidays: how much is too much?

From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, the decorations are out. I love decorations! Everyone has their own style. Some people decorate their home like they see in a magazine. Others, like me, are more sentimental in their decorations. My sons’ teachers will appreciate knowing that all of their hard work teaching their elementary students how…

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