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Real Estate Tips

REAL ESTATE TIPS: Ryder Realty podcast aims to fill a need

Find a need and fill it. I have heard that expression for years. In most cases, it applies to business. People have a need to eat so you open a restaurant. Sometimes it can apply to life. Like when my friend didn’t have a boyfriend and an acquaintance didn’t have a girlfriend so I saw…

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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Consider adding on when exploring options

Building a house is something that Andy and I had talked about off and on for years. From everything to building a home in our school district to building a hunting cabin on some recreational land. We haven’t done that yet. We chose to build an addition instead. Here is our story. When we bought…

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Make sure you are on ‘same page’ with agent

I color code my calendar. My family thinks that is extreme. But with a quick glance, by the color of pen used in each 30-minute segment of the day, I can make sure that I am not neglecting any areas – from work to family to mundane tasks like getting groceries. While most things are…

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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Determine why you are remodeling – then go for it

Recently, we talked about inexpensive improvements to make to your home if you are considering selling to increase value. This week, we are going to talk about improvements you make simply because you want to make them. Picture yourself as a new buyer settling into your new house and probably not thinking whatsoever about moving…

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