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Dalton wrestling coach says Bulldogs ‘moving in right direction;’ results from Orrville vs. Waynedale; Waynedale Middle School wrestling results

Bulldogs wrestlers ‘moving in right direction’
“We were at a great tournament this weekend in the North Canton Hoover Invite,” said Dalton Head Coach Kenton Lemon. “This tournament is a great early season test to find out where we are as a team and individually. The competition level is strong and the atmosphere of being at a big tournament is great for our young guys to get a feel for what high school wrestling is all about.”
Greyson Siders earned second place; Kaden Russell placed seventh and Bram McCourt came in eighth.
“Overall, I was pretty happy with the results from the weekend,” Lemon said. “I felt like we lost a few very winnable matches but I didn’t see any mistakes that we cannot fix. This year’s team is very competitive and gives great effort. We have some technique that we need to really focus on for the next few weeks but I think we are moving in the right direction.”

Results from Dual Meet Dec. 15 Orrville vs. Waynedale
106 Patterson, Stephen (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
113 Hostetler, Seth (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
120 Villafranca, Michael (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
126 Kearney, Lance (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
132 Race, Caden (ORRVILLE) over Forfeit (WAYNEDALE) Forfeit
138 Schmeltzer, Caden (WAYNEDALE) over Chereson, Connor (ORRVILLE) Tech Fall 20-5
144 Kearney, Colin (WAYNEDALE) over Rogers, Bronson (ORRVILLE) Fall 1:34
150 Lewis, Cole (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
157 McCrork, Robert (WAYNEDALE) over Hostetler, Paul (ORRVILLE) Tech Fall 19-3
165 Mitten, Liam (WAYNEDALE) over Forfeit, (ORRVILLE) Forfeit
175 Schlabach, Jayden (WAYNEDALE) over Caskey, Drew (ORRVILLE) Decision 9-4
190 Mast, Braden (WAYNEDALE) over Dalessandro, Alex (ORRVILLE) Fall 3:11
215 Hostetler, Abrahm `Brahm` (ORRVILLE) over Posey, Gradey (WAYNEDALE) Fall 1:46
285 Kidd, Brayden (WAYNEDALE) over Kitchen, Isaac (ORRVILLE) Fall 1:34
Final Score: Waynedale 67, Orrville 12

Middle School Bears at South Range Holiday Classic
Middle School Bears continued the winning way with a championship at the South Range Holiday Classic, according to a Waynedale Wrestling Facebook post.
Individual placers include: (80) Branton Tapp second, (86) Landon Chrapowicki (fifth), (92) Sebastian Schmeltzer champ, (104) Tyson Kronenberger, third; (110) Brock Beckler, champ; (116) Isaak Skelly, champ; (122) Maddox Kidd, second; (128) DJ Oberly, champ; (134) Riley Greathouse, champ; (142) Gabe Sundberg, second; (172) Reece Campbell, second; (205) Hezekiah Topp, champ

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