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BARBWIRE: End-of-year ‘best-laid plans’ often go astray

By BARB LUMLEY guest columnist There is a saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”. And so it has been for so many of us as we attempted to make our plans for ending December 2021 and beginning Jan. 1, 2022. There was the need to take down Christmas decorations…

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SLICE OF LIFE: Growing up too fast for ‘firsts’

By JACQUI L. HERSHBERGER DGKN correspondent Our family is finishing up a busy season. Soccer, cross country, marching band, fall play, choralation, church activities—practices, rehearsals, meets, games, get-togethers. Since none of my kids can drive on their own (although we are on our way with one having a permit!), that means my husband and I…

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Post Easter reflections: Thankful for the resurrection story

By OREN STEINER Local guest columnist Recently it was rewarding to hear several newscasts mention that Christian communities globally celebrated the Easter event surrounding the Holy week with various activities. So, friend how did you prepare yourself for this yearly extraordinary occasion? What kind of opportunities did you embrace by engaging yourself in the lives…

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SLICE OF LIFE: Dalton Greenhouse serves as a help and a haven

If you didn’t get to go to Florida for spring break and the snowfall earlier this month made you wish you had, you really need to get yourself to a greenhouse. Within some simple steps, you are transported from 40 degrees to 70-plus degrees. The scents of fresh soil, growing plants, and blooming flowers transport…

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LOCAL OPINION: 10 good things about wearing a mask

SUBMITTED BY JACQUI L. HERSHBERGER 10. Is the bottom half of your face not your best feature? Let your eyes shine! 9. Cover up blemishes and that zit that magically appeared on your nose. Save money on makeup! No need to check if you have anything stuck in your teeth after lunch! 8. Built-in scarf…

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