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Letters to the Editor


At the last Dalton village council meeting Councilman Terry Johns made a statement in regards to East Wayne Fire District. I will paraphrase. “It” needs to stop, the problem is we don’t know what “it” is and “it” seems to keep moving. I think I may know what “it” is and that is ego. It…

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Sports Booster Club thankful community raised $9,510 at cake auction

The All-Sports Booster Club would like to thank the Dalton Community for the continued support of the annual cake auction. This year an amazing $9,510 was raised with half of the winning bids going directly back to the sport. Thank you to the coaches, athletes, parents, and businesses that put time into making this event…

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Huge ‘Thank You’ to dedicated KVFD for help in the snow

We want to give a huge “Thank You” to the Kidron Volunteer Fire Dept. On the very snowy morning of Friday, Feb 4th, we needed a transport to the Wooster Community Hospital ER. We couldn’t get out of our driveway, actually getting stuck in it. In a very timely manner they came with a pick-up…

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DGKN contributor thanks residents for collaboration on snow story project

Several weeks ago, the Dalton Gazette and Kidron News invited readers to contribute snow- related pictures they’ve taken either recently or those captured years ago. The invitation also included sharing stories of snow experiences. A large thank you to all those who became involved by contributing to the reading audience. Hopefully, this exercise wore off…

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