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Letters to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Volunteers made grant application unique

It was great to read Scott Miller’s comments about the RAISE grant application to widen Kidron Road. I had spoken with him in December about that project and he invited me to participate during development of the grant application. Every week in January and February we met with the grant writers, county engineers, and representatives…

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support the East Wayne Fire District

I must commend the East Wayne First Responders for their commitment to the community that they serve. There is no denying that this has been a rough year for the first responders of the EWJFD, but they continue to serve the community and the district. I hope that all parties will step back and realize…

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At the last Dalton village council meeting Councilman Terry Johns made a statement in regards to East Wayne Fire District. I will paraphrase. “It” needs to stop, the problem is we don’t know what “it” is and “it” seems to keep moving. I think I may know what “it” is and that is ego. It…

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