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Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine – July 6, 2022 edition

The Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine is an anonymous 24/7 views line like many other newspapers provide where people are able to leave a brief voice mail with a compliment, comment, criticism or concern without leaving their name or phone number. An outside service transcribes the voice mails. Please refrain from profanity and personal attacks. Call 234-815-0392. ‘Conflict…

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Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine – June 29 edition

Three fire department resignations show lack of care for community (Received June 23) When 3 people organize their resignations to coincide on the same day it is not a coincidence. Leaving with no notice shows the intention to hurt the department and the community it serves. This shows immaturity. This shows lack of leadership. This…

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VIEWSLINE: What’s the scoop on not picking up dog poop?

What’s the scoop on not picking up dog poop? Apparently, the clean up after your dog rule/law doesn’t apply if no one is watching. I was sitting at my table the other day when someone walked their dog past my window. The dog stopped to do his business in the curb strip. While the dog…

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DALTON/KIDRON VIEWSLINE: Caller seeks more info about squirrel complaint

DGKN NEW VIEWSLINE Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine is a new anonymous opinion feature. Simply call the ViewsLine at 234-815-0392. Ask a question to the community, compliment someone or complain about something. Jan. 13 OK, I just asked to find out what neighborhood this squirrel complaint came from because we have squirrels and they’re well fed but they’re still…

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