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LETTER TO THE EDITOR No reason to establish new fire department in Dalton

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my strong support for the East Wayne Fire District and to share my
perspective on the proposal for a new Dalton fire department. As a resident of our community, I
believe that the East Wayne Fire District has consistently proven itself as a reliable and effective
fire service provider, rendering the establishment of a new fire department in Dalton
The East Wayne Fire District has a long history of dedicated service to our community. Their
professional firefighters and first responders have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and
well-being of the residents in their jurisdiction. Over the years, they have invested in state-of-
the-art equipment and training to ensure they can respond promptly and effectively to
Furthermore, the East Wayne Fire District has successfully collaborated with neighboring fire
departments, creating a robust and well-coordinated emergency response network. This
collaboration has proven to be invaluable during large-scale incidents and has optimized
resource allocation in times of need. This efficient sharing of resources has resulted in cost
savings for taxpayers without compromising the quality of service.
Now, regarding the proposal for a new fire department in Dalton, I fail to see a compelling
reason for its establishment. The East Wayne Fire District already serves Dalton effectively, and
their response times and capabilities are more than adequate. Establishing a new fire
department would require a significant investment of public funds and this is not the best use of
our taxpayers money when there are many other things within the village that need attention.
It is essential that we make responsible decisions with taxpayer money, especially when it
comes to public safety. we should focus on supporting and enhancing the capabilities of the
East Wayne Fire District. This will allow them to continue their excellent work and ensure the
safety of all residents in our community.
In conclusion, I urge our local authorities to reconsider the proposal for a new fire department in
Dalton and instead continue to support the East Wayne Fire District. They have consistently
demonstrated their commitment to our safety, and with our support, they can continue to excel
in their mission. Let us work together to make the most effective and efficient use of our
resources for the benefit of our community.
Sean Linder
Dalton resident

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