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SLICE OF LIFE: Preparing for ‘new normal’

By JACQUI HERSHBERGER For the Gazette & News Well, the Stay-At-Home order has been extended to May 29, 2020. Not that I’m that surprised, really. Does anyone else feel like you end up being busy with random tasks? Today, (is it Friday or Thursday?) I shop vac’d the van and cleaned it, inside and out.…

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Poignant poem: ‘On Wearing a Mask’

By Jacqui L. Hershberger Before we went I found it — crumpled the last one surgical teal In the parking lot Do I put this on? Really?! I had seen a bolded blue article I could’ve clicked on Never did About how more should wear These masks In public An autoimmune disease More susceptible? How…

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Savor the sweet moments in these shaky times

Last week, my husband and I were taking our dog for what has become now her daily lunchtime stroll. Our old pup has been with us for 14 years. Her mom was rescued, and homes were found for her puppies. Sadie’s mom was a Beagle Terrier, but Sadie has features more like that of a…

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Heading into new year with no hair, much hope

I had two questions for Kara Clay last month. First, “Could I please make an appointment to have my head shaved?” and second, “Do you trim wigs?” I am sure the kind hairstylist could hear the slight tremble in my voice when I called her less than two weeks before Christmas. She did not skip…

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor As a spectator watching family and friends  participating in the 12th Annual Rich Dalessandro Memorial 5K, 10K, 2-Mile Run / Walk on November 2.   It was a fun fall event  with a lot of community participation. A reminder to participants that there were coupons in the goody bag.  The green one for World…

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Career has paid off in valuable relationships

It is 5 o’clock in the morning, my typical wakeup time. Not because I set an alarm but because my body is my alarm and through a series of events over the last few months, that internal alarm has decided between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. is when I should get up. While I feel like…

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