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Statewide mask order begins 6 p.m. Thursday

Gov. Mike DeWine announced a statewide mandatory mask order set to begin at 6 p.m. Thursday.

According to DeWine’s official Twitter account:

Masks must be worn at all times when:

* At an indoor location that’s not a residence

* Outdoors, when unable to keep 6 feet social distance from those not in your household
*  When waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation -taxi, car service, private rideshare.
This order only requires those who are 10 years old or older to wear a mask. In addition, the following do not need to wear a mask:
* Those with a medical condition or a disability or those communicating with someone with a disability;
* Those who are actively exercising or playing sports;
* Those who are officiants at religious services;
* Those who are actively involved in public safety; or
* Those who are actively eating or drinking.
“Wearing masks will make a difference,” one of DeWine’s tweets states. “It will determine what our fall looks like. We want kids to go back to school, we want to see sports — to do that it’s very important that all Ohioans wear a mask.”

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