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Ann Vagilla

Ann Vagilla left for a long awaited shin-dig put on by friends, and family that she hasn’t seen in a long time.  She left in a flash, quick and on her terms just as she lived her life.  She was a fierce woman, determined to lead a life as a wife, mother with her own identity.  She was way before her time, being married at 18 to the love of her life (John) and having a job in the 60’s, making good money for that special family vacation.  She was simple, unimpressed by material things, but God, Country, family and friends she will cherish forever.  She was a great cook, made killer cabbage rolls, kolachi and always found time to be a brownie leader, dance mom, or put on any cap she needed to.  My sister Chris and I became successful women because of her.  She became a real estate agent, then went to nursing school at the age of 40, passing highest in her class.  She never did things half way, she was always competitive and lead by example.  (Just ask her card club of Mahjongg gang)  “GRANDY” as her grandkids called her, earned a name of her own because she was one of a kind.  She drug a deer, falling uphill, helping Mason dress it in her new Eddie Bauer coat, when he was 13.  She loved going to Abby’s culinary competitions or tasting her latest canning concoctions that she was always coming up with.  As for the list of people that she left behind, there aren’t any…because she left a piece of her with them.  Don’t be sad for any of us…BECAUSE WE WERE BLESSED TO HAVE THIS SPECIAL WOMAN IN OUR LIVES TO BEGIN WITH.

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