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DHS tech classes: ‘This is the future’


Juniors Bryce Clark and Parker Englerth demonstrate robotics engineering. Students stay busy at laptops during Brad Welch’s TechCorps class at Dalton High School.


DALTON  The world is at their fingertips.
During a class at Dalton High School just before the break began last month, students were deep in concentration typing at their laptops. Teacher Brad Welch walked from student to student and peered at their screens offering advice and answering questions. He provided a real world example of why it’s important to be careful and precise when it comes to computer programming. He then asked a question that could apply to programmers and general computer users alike.

“Remember, what’s the simplest thing you can do when something’s not working?” he asked the entire class. “Just reboot it. It works almost every time.”
Students were downloading software during this particular TechCorps class and had to input specific commands in a terminal. A couple of students were able to branch off to demonstrate how in a robotics class they program robots to complete simple tasks.
At the beginning of the school year, Dalton High School introduced some new classes to students.
To increase the computer science and information technology course offerings at Dalton High, the district added a couple of classes, Welch said. One includes digital circuits, basic coding, and robotics. The newest is a TechCorps sponsored information technologies class that is devoted to helping students build skills in just about every facet of the computer. This includes internet and networking, including security.

Read more in the Jan. 15, 2020 e-edition.

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